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Market cap is a LIE! And here is why!

Market Cap is a LIE! Here is why! In articles about cryptocurrencies and in discussions about cryptocoins in general, the concept of market capitalization (abbreviated as market cap) is often used. In fact the website, which is used as a standard for...

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Have a look at for the latest status on Ethereum price and market cap! 😉


Ethereum -7.23% has had a bloody couple of months behind it – All time high back to the ground.

It crushed major support areas in 1 and 2.

Now it is approaching bottom 3.

This time might be different. We have a very strong golden cross in the MACD , and an RSI that dipped at 17 and now around 23. That’s clearly in the oversold zone. These two indicators by themselves, without even a chart above it, would in theory tell us one thing – b u y.


If Ethereum bounces on that level, it can get ready to break the triangle that is forming there. (also note how Ethereum -7.23%bounced off off the Fibonacci 78,6% level on March 18th – we have a support both on the longer term trend line , but also on the Fibonacci 78,6% retracement!)

The Stochastic momentum index shows us that there indeed is some red first to come before we hit the support and before we can start to rebound:


I don’t think we have to say many more words than this. Can ETH break that support and go even lower? Yes, it can. But the odds are way lower than an apparent bounce. And that bounce is something MACD and RSI are telling us, if not, even yelling.

Conclusion: Ethereum -7.05% will fall some more (as it does already today) before it will bounce from the support level . After that, it can get ready to beat the triangle. The odds are very much in favour of that scenario. So what are you gonna place as your orders?

PS: this is by no means to be considered as investment / speculation / trading advice, merely a personal objective analysis.
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