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Market cap is a LIE! And here is why!

Market Cap is a LIE! Here is why! In articles about cryptocurrencies and in discussions about cryptocoins in general, the concept of market capitalization (abbreviated as market cap) is often used. In fact the website, which is used as a standard for...

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Vechain buy

Have a look at for the latest status on VechainThor price and market cap! 😉


Vechain is one of WijCryptonairs’ top pick when it comes to crypto. This gem has many real-life blockchain use cases and an incredible list of partnerships including DNV GL, BMW, LVMH, PwC, etc. Here at WijCryptonairs, we have consistently called the big buy and sell moments before, and today we say “BUY” once more!

Vechain buy Vechain buy Vechain buy Vechain buy Vechain buy